#WANSIE jeudi 07-12-2023 #Interview

“The Artistry Behind WANSIE: A talk with Shinya Kuraoka”

Shinya Kuraoka and Masahiro Hirota founded WANSIE a Japanese ready-to-wear line launched in 2019. The WANSIE ready-to-wear line blends the atmosphere and techniques of workwear with Japanese craftsmanship, while remaining resolutely contemporary.

The SS24 collection highlights colors and materials reminiscent of spring while celebrating a 150-year heritage of ancient and contemporary Japanese culture.

Today, we embark on a journey into the creative realm of Shinya Kuraoka, co-founder of WANSIE, delving into his distinct artistic vision and personal narrative.


What is your zodiac sign?

Shinya: Aries

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? 

Shinya: Arsène Lupin III

Do you prefer night or day? 

Shinya: Daybreak

What is your least favorite color?  

Shinya: Vibgyor

Which celebrity would you dream dressing?  

Shinya: Hayao Miyazaki and Damien Jalet

What's your favorite object that you own?  

Shinya: Nanbu Ironware’s black small bell

What's the disgusting food you like to eat?  

Shinya: Sugary big donuts

What's your favorite vegetable?  

Shinya: Burdock

If you were a plant, which one would you be?  

Shinya: Pine tree

If you were a sauce, which one would you be?  

Shinya: Honey mustard soy sauce

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Shinya: This one


Who is the teacher who has most influenced your career and why? 

Shinya: My grandma, she is my biggest mentor, she taught me to think about how you are, rather than how you want to be seen.

Which movie character you most identify with?  

Shinya: Andy from The Shawshank Redemption

What did you eat last night?  

Shinya: Steamed vegetables and spicy garlic soy sauce

Who would you choose as an actor to play you in your biopic?  

Shinya: Gong Yoo

What is your favorite smell? 

Shinya: Inside mountain Temple after the rain

What is your favorite word?  

Shinya: Thank you

What animal would scare you the most if it entered the room you are in now?  

Shinya: Big Iguana 

What's your favorite swear word?  

Shinya: “Thank you”

What's your favorite place to cry?  

Shinya: Front of loud speakers at dark club

Last Instagram picture you liked?

Shinya: Small kitty jumping on the bed


What was the last good movie you saw?  

Shinya: Nomad land

What's your favourite/fetish item of clothing in your wardrobe?  

Shinya: Vintage printed black t-shirt / Vintage Tony Lama’s black cowboy boots

What's your worst shame?  

Shinya: I called "mom" a teacher when I was 6 years old 

What's your last dream?  

Shinya: My child self lost at my childhood house with my favorite stuffed animals

What would be your job in another life?   

Shinya: Chef

Who would you dream to collaborate with?  

Shinya: Le Louvre

What is the best costume you've ever worn? And the worst?  

Shinya: Vintage biker jacket and my father’s old baggy suit pants with big silver necklace and fresh white sneakers. Borrow a friend’s tiny pajamas to go to the supermarket at night.

What is the worst question you've ever been asked?  

Shinya: Why you are angry? But I wasn’t.

If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Shinya: Salmon Onigiri

What is your favorite piece in your last collection?  

Shinya: Rice embroidery shirts 

What is your worst phobia/fear?  

Shinya: Dive to the deep water

Is there a question you would like to ask one of the designers represented by Autrement PR ?  

Shinya: To Cem Cinar: What is your huge desire?

What kind of music do you listen to when you work? Do you share with us a link to your playlist?   

Shinya: Glenn Gould playing Piano of Bach