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A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival Returns: ASVOFF 15

The 15th edition of this groundbreaking festival, presented in collaboration with Dover Street Market Paris, stands as a four-day celebration of cultural amalgamation, scheduled to take place from 9th to 12th November 2023.

Diane Pernet, ASVOFF's founder and director, is pleased to announce a significant milestone in the festival's history as it has obtained the official homologation from the French Ministry of Culture. This prestigious endorsement acknowledges ASVOFF's substantial contribution to France's cultural heritage and its unwavering commitment to the convergence of fashion, style, and beauty in cinema.

Delving into the essence of human experiences, enlightening narratives of aesthetics - ASVOFF, since its inception, has metamorphosed into a cultural time capsule transcending boundaries. By commemorating the art of filmmaking, the festival operates as a catalyst for change - a portrayal of our present society.

"The recent endorsement by the French Ministry of Culture echoes ASVOFF's creative endeavor and perpetual quest for cultural enhancement and diversity. Sublimating the democratization of cinema as a tangible asset - the festival exudes its artistic and singular aura within France and the international community," stated Diane Pernet, founder of ASVOFF. The festival boasts undeniable support from prominent industry figures, including Adrian Joffe from CDG, Sylvain Amic, Conseiller en Charge des Musées, des Métiers d'Art, du Design et de la Mode at the Ministère de la Culture, and Jay-Jay Johanson, this edition's President.

Creative expression, exploration of visual identities, and pluralism punctuate the forthcoming edition, unveiling 8 themed curations - from sustainability to digital fashion and the Black Spectrum - student films and the official competition. ASVOFF 15 continues to nurture a vibrant and visionary program, a pledge to emerging voices in fashion filmmaking featuring Climate Warriors - a new curation program empowering young minds and activists from 6 to 12 to become guardians of the Earth.

The prevalence of documentary filmmaking, driven by a profound commitment to researching reality and conveying compelling narratives, remains fundamental with the screening of Queendom by Agniia Galdanova, along with Sundance acclaimed Invisible Beauty directed by Bethann Hardison and Frédéric Tcheng / Paris Premiere. The immersion into the ambivalence of fashion/couture transgresses the cinephile spectrum with the feature of The Versace Saga by Nicklaus Olivier, an ode to the flamboyant designer Gianni Versace, the chronicle Kingdom of Dreams and the homage to academy-award nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips: Dressing the Part directed by Michael McCool.

"In a world where diversity and pluralism are the pillars of progress, ASVOFF stands as a luminary, guiding the industry towards a promising and resolutely more inclusive future. This cinematic odyssey is not solely about films - the core essence results in the sublimation of beauty, our differences, and the universality of our dreams," concludes Diane Pernet.

ASVOFF 15 beckons you to a celebration of fashion and film unlike any other. With themes spanning sustainability to emerging voices in fashion filmmaking, this four-day festival promises a diverse, dynamic, and unforgettable experience. Join us at Dover Street Market Paris from 9th to 12th November 2023 and immerse yourself in the essence of beauty, diversity, and the boundless creativity that defines the future of fashion. Don't miss this groundbreaking event that transcends boundaries and celebrates the unique stories woven through the lens of cinema.

For more information, visit www.asvoff.com.