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Untitlab launches new campaign in collaboration with Mala York

Introducing Mala York's Captivating Artworks for Untitlab(R) Swift Trek Collection

Untitlab launches new campaign in collaboration with Mala York

Shanghai based shoes and accessories brand, Untitlab®unveiled their new campaign "Scorpio Mechanism" through Mala York and his extraordinary artworks. The campaign features key products from the Untitlab® Swift Trek Collection.

Mala York is a Milan-based digital artist known for his exploration of masculinity through digital collage. His work delves into the complexities of manhood, often featuring masked figures and uncanny settings. 

"Scorpio Mechanism" revolves around capturing moments of unease that occur before or after a moment of rupture, abandonment, or transformation. Mala York's choice of masked men as central characters is a powerful symbol, playing with the concept of masculinity and its performance.

Untitlab®'s design philosophy is rooted in challenging conventional boundaries of professional and social attire by clashing references from different scenarios to create hybrid shoes with bold empowering silhouettes.