#RIZ POLI mardi 31-10-2023 #Latest news

Introducing Riz Poli s SS24 collection Take a break at my secret garden

Inspired by "the black book of colours" and the duality of senses, Riz Poli's SS24 collection is a vivid expression of the designer's unyielding creativity. This collection embraces the power of strong colors and unconventional fabric combinations, offering multiple perspectives on each garment.

The grand unveiling of this collection took place at the picturesque Parc de Belleville, a location chosen deliberately to reinforce the collection's core concept. The park embodies the essence of duality – on one hand, it's raw, chaotic, and adorned with graffiti, while on the other hand, it's a tranquil haven filled with lush trees, grass, and the beauty of nature. This juxtaposition served as the perfect backdrop to showcase Riz Poli's SS24 creations.

The experience was elevated to a sensory masterpiece with specially curated music that complemented the collection's vision. This wasn't just about listening to music; it was about feeling the images and colors it evoked.

The SS24 collection by Riz Poli is an enchanting fusion of vibrant colors and unexpected fabric pairings. It features flowy dresses capturing the essence of the collection with their grace and fluidity. Ruffle blazers add a playful touch and break away from traditional expectations, while the raincoats merge practicality with bold color choices. Translucent elements in the collection tease the senses, offering a glimpse into the unexpected. Each piece tells a unique story, offering a fresh perspective on garment interaction.

This collection invites you to experience a world where colors collide and fabrics unite, awakening your senses in unimaginable ways.