#MARRKNULL mercredi 27-09-2023 #Fashion Week




The huge social machine operates steadily in modern cities, in which we are distorted and alienated into gears that keep spinning in a cold machine. The workplace classifies people with different personalities, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds into the same identity, and erases individual differences with uniform dress rules. However, people trapped under the symbolic appearance of group still need to have a period of time to being themselves.

MARRKNULL 2024 Spring/Summer Collection focuses on the tipping point between "going to work" and "getting off work" so as to express the transformation of people taking off their uniform clothing and returning to their true self.

 MARRKNULL has set this season's show in a mysterious urban space. The models seem to have different identities and travel to the unknown locations with different purposes. It uses the obscure uncertainty to eliminate the sense of order in workplace environment and quietly complete the space switching between workplace and personal space. Along with continuing to reflect on the normal state of contemporary life, it performs a humorous expression based on the dislocation concept for identity and context. It collaborates with the pioneering Chinese brand DAPHNE.LAB for footwear collection to break the boundaries of circles and present the DAPHNE.LAB X MARRKNULL SugarCube Thigh-High boots.

 "Getting off work" connects the falsehood and truth, boredom and diversity, alienation and return as a trigger. At that moment, people release from the value of being as tools, freeing from the groups bound to them, and regaining the control over their dresses, behaviors, and lives.

 No one can escape from the tide of the era, but human beings’ instinct will always calls for the truth and freedom.

Styling : Jamie-Maree Shipton

Casting: Monika Domarke

Make-up : Grace Sinnott@futer rep

Hair: Benjamin David

Manicurist: Anh Hoang

Jewellery YVMIN

Music: Kitashima

Movement artists: Simon Donnellon

Production: TIAGI