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The 'Cool Kids' of Fashion Crafting Sustainability


The 'Cool Kids' of Fashion Crafting Sustainability

In the fast-paced world of fashion, Prototypes emerges as a trailblazer, reshaping the industry's norms and setting a new standard for sustainable creativity. Based in Zurich, this underground label often described as the "fun version of Balenciaga" is on a mission to revolutionize fashion through upcycling and repurposing, embodying the idea that limitations can ignite boundless innovation. The designers empowers their community with PROTO PACKS, replete with manuals and sewing patterns, transforming fashion enthusiasts into upcycling virtuosos. As Prototypes continues to innovate, introducing novelties like the no-sew-pack and the jewelry-kit, they're charting a path where sustainability and individual expression harmoniously coexist.

To discover more about this groundbreaking brand, visit their website here.

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From Bedsheets to Runways

Prototypes defies conventions, channeling creativity through limitations. Their muse? Discarded garments and forgotten fabrics. From these remnants of fashion's past, they conjure new life and redefine the possibilities of sustainable style. A debut runway show in the heart of Paris showcased their audacious spirit, proving that even humble bedsheets can take center stage. SERIES 03, their ready-to-wear collection, confidently explores fresh silhouettes and themes: military jackets reborn as gender-fluid twin sets, prom dresses transformed into contemporary essentials, and more.

'A story of preservation in technique and spirit'

Prototypes' commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in their latest collection.
Models obscure their faces with hair or hoodies, their body language communicating warmth, self-assurance, or vulnerability. The collection, according to show notes, "tells a story of preservation in technique and spirit." Designers Callum Pidgeon and Laura Beham credit stylist Betsy Johnson for the "conceptual direction," highlighting the role of unconventional pocket placements in shaping silhouettes and body language. The collection underscores the resilience of fabrics, with an emphasis on upcycling, including the repurposing of Yeezy deadstock for five distinct looks.
Prototypes is more than a brand; it's a gathering of avant-garde fashion enthusiasts rewriting the industry's narrative one stitch at a time.