#Choisissez la Marque lundi 24-06-2024 #Fashion Week


On Thursday, June 20th, the École Duperré, located at 11 Rue Dupetit-Thouars in the vibrant 3rd arrondissement of Paris, hosted an exceptional evening. From 8 PM to 1 AM, the Wahter Studio x MIMS event brought together between 200 and 500 people for a memorable party that celebrated art, music, and creativity.

Wahter Studio, known for its ability to blend different creative disciplines, joined forces with MIMS for an evening that captivated the imagination. Following a resounding launch in Japan, MIMS chose Paris to unveil its new collection, offering guests a glimpse of its unique and unparalleled style.

The event was designed to celebrate cultural and artistic diversity, with mesmerizing performances setting the rhythm for the night. The atmosphere was extraordinary, fueled by a collective energy where kindness and conviviality reigned supreme.

Music, the true backbone of the evening, was provided by an impressive lineup. Zack Fox, famous for his sharp humor and rap skills, kicked off the festivities with an electrifying performance. Bambii, a Canadian DJ and producer, followed with captivating rhythms that had guests dancing the night away. Mechatok, a master of electronic music, offered a hypnotic set, while Broodoo Ramses closed the evening with an explosion of beats that reverberated through the walls of École Duperré.

The exclusive cocktail hour was a highlight of the evening, where guests enjoyed refined drinks while exchanging ideas and inspirations. The diverse profiles present, ranging from creatives to entrepreneurs to art enthusiasts, facilitated enriching encounters and stimulating discussions.

The atmosphere of the evening was imbued with perfect harmony, each person contributing to an unparalleled party ambiance. Laughter, animated conversations, and enchanting music created an environment where everyone felt at home. The goodwill of the participants allowed everyone to let loose and fully enjoy every moment.

The evening concluded at 1 AM, leaving behind indelible memories for all attendees. Wahter Studio and MIMS succeeded in creating a unique experience, where lifestyle and creativity were brilliantly showcased. This event not only marked the launch of MIMS's new collection in Paris but also solidified’s reputation as a pioneer in the international art scene.

The evening of June 20th at École Duperré will be remembered as a grand celebration of creativity, music, and conviviality, marking an important milestone in the collaboration between Wahter Studio and MIMS. An evening like this demonstrates that Paris remains an essential destination for premier cultural events, where the fusion of arts and creative minds continues to shine.